2021 Kendall County Wild Game Dinner

The Kendall County Wild Game Dinner is scheduled for November 6th, 2021. It will be held at the Kendall County Youth Agriculture & Equestrian Center located at 648 FM 289, Comfort, TX 78013. Gates open at 4:00 pm!

Here is what to expect for the next event!

At the Kendall County Wild Game Dinner, you can expect everything from Axis, Alligator and it's probably bacon wrapped, sizzled, seared or sautéed! And, for those who prefer the conventional cuisine, we've got you covered. We have 20 cook teams returning each year and as we've always said, our cooks are the backbone of this event. They are the reason that we draw the huge crowds year after year, "This group can cook"! The fantastic food, amazing auction items, games, vendors, there is something for everyone at this exciting event.

The event was started in 2011 under the guidance of Beca Short and Karen Daly with a vision of sharing great food with our friends and neighbors, and with a mission to give back to our area youth. When we say "we do it for the kids". know that we mean it.

Kendall County Wild Game Dinner has become a standalone 501(c)(3) with a community minded Board of Directors committed to the event and youth. To date, we have awarded scholarships to twenty two (28) college and technical school bound students from the Boerne and Comfort school districts, including private and home schools. This year, six students were each awarded a $3,000 scholarship. Our goal is to distribute 90% of the funds raised each year to our youth through scholarships, leadership programs, 4-H, FFA and agriculture related projects and capital improvements! "We are here to help!"

By now you realize, we throw a great party, have tons of fun, cook some amazing food and raise a bunch of money for the kids! We hope you will join us on November 6th at the Kendall County Youth Agriculture & Equestrian Center located at 648 FM 289, Comfort, TX 78013. Gates open at 4:00 pm! Tickets can be purchased at the gate for $25.00 (CASH ONLY). We will begin serving at 5:00pm.

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2021 Kendall County Wild Game Dinner Sponsors

The Kendall County Wild Game Dinner provides scholarships to youth attending the Texas Hill Country Independent School Districts, including private and home schools.

 The Kendall County Wild Game Dinner provides scholarships to youth attending the Texas Hill Country Independent School Districts, including private and home schools. Funds raised are used to provide scholarships, assist with 4-H and FFA leadership programs. We share common goals and have the ability to reach hundreds of future leaders who participate through KCJLS. Previous scholarship recipients have served and given much to our community. To date we have awarded Twenty Two (22) Scholarships. We are proud to share their accomplishments. We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit focused on providing scholarship and leadership opportunities for the youth of the Texas Hill Country Please see "About" page for the 2019 Kendall County Wild Game Dinner Scholarship Application"

Kendall County Wild Game DinnerKendall County Wild Game Dinner Board of Directors

 Graduated From: Boerne High School Major: Fine Art University: University of Texas at Austin Bella Hollis, daughter of Richard and Anne Hollis, is a gifted artists. "One day I would like to start a program that exposes underprivileged kids to the fine arts," said Bella. Hollis didn't really begin engaging in art until her junior year, but once she started she was all in. Hollis added, "I was lucky enough to get into a program in the Southwest School of Art during my senior year in high school. The program is called Teen Studio Intensive and the excellent instruction within the program made it a great learning environment." In Addition to art, Bella also participated in choir and colorguard. A couple of her other interests include goats and iced tea."

Bella HollisBella Hollis Awarded a KCWGD Fine Arts Scholarship in 2018

 Graduated From: Samuel V. Champion High School Major: Agricultural Engineering University: Blinn University Merina Jackson has a passion for agriculture and plans to pursue that through a degree in Agricultural Engineering. "With this degree I hope to participate in the advancement of agriculture technology", said Jackson. Jackson was the vice president of her high schools FFA chapter and showed steers through 4-H. In addition to agriculture and raising steers for stock shows, Jackson says she "enjoys anything outdoors!" Merina is the daughter of Alesia Young and has a sister named Morgan. Jackson added, "I am grateful for this scholarship because it is helping me pursue my education!""

Merina JacksonMerina Jackson Awarded a KCWGD Agricultural Scholarship in 2018

 Graduated From: Comfort High School Major: Animal Science University: Texas A&M University Jessica Spenrath has been involved in the agricultural industry since she can remember. "I grew up on a ranch outside of Comfort, raising market goats and lambs with my family. Jessica has participated in several agricultural activities that have helped her grow and understand the industry. She has participated in stock shows across the state for the past 14 years, exhibiting market goats, " The shows taught me discipline, dedication and humility." Jessica has been heavily involved in the Texas FFA organization which she credits for helping her develop leadership qualities and public relations skills. "The moment I have spent advocating for agriculture have helped me solidify my decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine and inspired me to remain involved with agriculture as a market goat breeder," she said. Spenrath has decided to pursue a career in veterinary pharmacy that allows her to be involved in agriculture animals and medicine. She hopes this field of study will allow her to inform youth across the nation of the importance of agriculture, while still allowing for time to begin a successful market goat operation."

Jessica SpenrathJessica Spenrath Awarded a KCWGD Animal Science Scholarship in 2018

 Graduated From: Boerne High School Major: Wildlife Conservation University: Western State Colorado University Dustin Smith, the son of Robert and Jennifer Smith, as always had an interest in wildlife. As a freshman in high school he began doing lots of wildlife events and competitions for FFA. "This experience helped me to focus my interests and decide on a major in Wildlife Conservation. With this degree I hope to become a game warden or wildlife biologist," said Dustin. Dustin was very involved in his local FFA Chapter and served as the Centinal his junior high school and as the Treasurer during his senior year. He also raised Boer Goats and Rambouillet Sheep. In his spare time he enjoys hiking and backpacking."

Dustin SmithDustin Smith Awarded a KCWGD Wildlife Scholarship in 2018

 Graduated: Geneva School, Class of 2017 Major: Fine Arts, Creative Writing University: University of St. Andrews, Scotland, Class of 2020 It seems that Coggin Calbreath spent his life exploring options and he's keeping them open. His Mom decided she wanted to be a doctor at age four and never wavered. Coggin's passions fit together in fine arts. Already this year he has published a short story, performed in an opera for pay and sold a drawing at auction. This fall, Coggin begins his studies at the University of St. Andrews, where for more that 600 years student have been treated to the finest education in Scotland."

Coggins GalbreathAwarded a KCWGD Fine Arts Scholarship in 2017.

Kendall County Wild Game Dinner

Crawfish Fettuccine

Crawfish Fettuccine

receipe by: Jennifer Wyle

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2019 Kendall County Wild Game Dinner, Board of Directors

Beca Short

Board President ~ Co-Chair

Jess Hawkins

Vice President

Lynn Lang


Karen Daly

Board Member ~ Co-Chair

Jennifer Wyle

Board Member - Cook Teams

Mike Arthur

Board Member

Additional Members of the Board are Tammy Aldrich, Paul Duran, Amanda Hallmark, Bill Stakes, Stephen Zoeller, Kendall Bergman, Susan Pick, and Johnny Hulek